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Deep Sea Fishing Charters in Panama City Beach

Climb aboard the Reel Commocean with Capt. Brad and the crew and experience deep sea fishing in Panama City Beach at its best. Our 58-foot custom-built Resmondo deep sea fishing yacht is your home for the duration of your adventure along with all the creature comforts, knowledge and good times that come with it.

deep sea fishing charters panama city beach

Have you ever been on a deep sea fishing trip in Panama City Beach with a good buddy where the jokes fly freely and the good times translate into timeless stories you tell over and over? That’s what deep sea fishing with Capt. Brad on the Reel Commocean is like.

Whether this is your first time or you’re an experienced pro, Capt. Brad and the Reel Commocean crew know how to put you at ease and treat you to a Gulf of Mexico fishing experience you won’t soon forget.

We’re knowledgeable and seasoned veterans of the Panama City Beach area waters and tailor your trip to ensure your group maxes out on fish… and fun!

For more than 20 years, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting new friends that come to Panama City Beach from all over in search of fun and good times. Our clients like to stay in touch and many come back again and again for more adventures at sea.


With Capt. Brad and the Reel Commocean crew expect to simply have fun and leave all the technical stuff and “work” to us. You’ll enjoy our stories and gain plenty of your own to share with others when you get back home.

Reserve your trip today and become part of the Reel Commocean family of happy guests. Join Capt. Brad aboard your 58-foot home for the day and reel in the good times along with the fish! Experience the thrill of deep sea fishing in Panama City Beach on the Reel Commocean. We’re the largest fishing expedition in town!